Menu Mash: Gaslight

Description: French bistro, South End, brunch.


DSC00096DSC00094DSC00089DSC00102DSC00098Upon first glance, Gaslight has all the right ingredients for a great French bistro. It is also apart of the Aquitaine Group and given my good experience at Aquitaine, I had high expectations. I went to Gaslight sans reservation for brunch on Saturday afternoon at around 12:30pm. The restaurant is spacious and the interior reminiscent of the Smith in Midtown Manhattan as well as Pastis in the Meatpacking district of NYC with it’s tiled ceilings and floors, old world charm, and copious red accents—in all, a very Parisian vibe.

Given the restaurants sprawling size, the restaurant was completely understaffed and extraordinarily mismanaged. The hostess was busing tables, the bus boy was checking out customers, the waiters were walking around with grim faces and seemed generally annoyed. The customers were also piling up…one older gentleman mentioned that he had been waiting in excess of 20 minutes past his reservation time. Meanwhile, there were empty tables scattered around the restaurant. I’m all for the French theme but I don’t need the European serving standards as well!

When we were finally seated, I ordered a Bloody Mary to drink and oysters (only 1 type), French onion soup, steak and eggs and truffled eggs with asparagus.

Bloody Mary: Drink was not mixed at all with some low quality vodka in great amounts near the bottom. The mix itself was much too sour and acidic. Grade F.

Oysters: Bland, watery oysters that were not cleaned well.

French Onion Soup: The soup was way too sweet, a bit too greasy, and lacking in the rich onion flavor that you would expect in a good FOS.

Steak n’ Eggs: Steak was on the rare side of medium rare but poor quality. The stringy meat had surprisingly little juice or flavor. Eggs were bland.

Truffled Eggs: It would take a bloodhound to detect the truffle notes in this dish. Texture of the eggs were also bad.

Overall: This is a disaster of a restaurant. I would not recommend.

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